About Affinity Jewelry

I started Affinity Jewelry to bring colorful, sophisticated jewelry to women.

As a busy mother of 5 beautiful children, I know all about the challenges of balancing work, motherhood, and personal time while supporting my family. That's why when I started Affinity Jewelry, I knew fair trade had to be a centerpiece of our business mission. 

Our fair trade products mean that every purchase is supporting equitable pay and decent working conditions for its producers, most of whom are women who - just like you - are supporting themselves and their families through their work.

I chose AFFINITY to represent my quest to source jewelry that delights my customers and represents your style. But AFFINITY also represents the chain of interlocking support you help create each time you make a purchase from Affinity Jewelry. I'm providing for my family with this business, while together we support other women around the world.