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Now in 2 locations in DFW!

Painted Tree Frisco

2930 Preston Rd
Booth B15

Open Daily
10am - 8pm

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Painted Tree North Richland Hills

7800 Boulevard 26
Booth E7

Open Daily
10am - 8pm

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Or, shop in person at either of our DFW locations.

Why Affinity?

About us

About Fair Trade

Fair Trade is a set of governing principles that makers/suppliers/employers promise to keep. These principles are often things that are taken for granted and overlooked in the United States of America. Principles like being paid a living wage, not using child labor, providing safe working conditions, and offering health care.

We say NO to sweatshops, 14-hour days, pennies a day, health hazards and forced labor.

We say YES to giving artisans fair wages for their skills, working conditions so ethical they're brag-worthy, and empowering employees to feel good and do good in the world around them.

We know that this means we will pay higher prices. We accept that whenever possible because we value the lives of every human more than we value money.

Maker Highlight

Lotus and Luna products are handmade by a team of talented female artisans living in villages outside of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Their mission is to provide fair and consistent employment to each artisan who handcrafts their accessories. "Handcrafted with love in Thailand."

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